Paul D. Ryan

The Tuning Journal for Higher Education (TJHE) is a joint project of the Tuning Academy, the University of Deusto, who host the journal, and the University of Groningen. It is intended to be a platform for research and discussion on the student centred, competence and learning outcome based reforms of higher education programmes that are currently sweeping the world.

Although TJHE will benefit from the experience of those academics that have engaged since 2000 in the ‘Tuning phenomenon’ — the many university driven projects fuelling such reforms — it is open to all academics, administrators and policy makers. The prime intention is to promote research into this field and subject the tools developed during these and other projects to full academic scrutiny and debate.

Tuning has from the outset been generously supported by the European Commission and in recognition of the spirit in which that support was given the journal will be truly open access (no individual charges for submission or access) for the foreseeable future. ISI registration will be applied for as soon as the journal qualifies.

I have pleasure, on behalf of the Editorial Board, in inviting submissions from all those working to improve the quality, transparency, transferability and relevance of higher education programmes and who wish to share their experience with the global community via the pages of this journal. Full details can be found at www.tuningjournal.org.


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